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DD-214/Discharge Information

DD-214's and Service Records

Service records are available as far back as 1789, depending on branch of service.


  • Recently separated Veterans can request service records through the ebenefits portal.

  • Veterans separated for more than six months can request all service record through          


The National Archives' National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) stores records of individual military service pertaining to former service members who no longer have a service obligation. Included are records of veterans who are completely discharged (with no remaining reserve commitment), or who are retired or have died. Records are usually transferred to NPRC within six months after these events. NPRC does not have records of members who are still in the active or inactive reserves or in the National Guard. The records of each military service department on file at NPRC are listed under Location of Military Service Records.



Corrections to service records and discharge rating disputes


Corrections are done through the individual service branch. All Veterans are eligible to apply to the Discharge Review Board for an upgrade of their discharge characterization or a change of the reason given for their discharge. To receive a discharge upgrade or a change in the discharge reason, an individual must prove to the appropriate Discharge Review Board that his or her discharge reason or characterization was “inequitable” or “improper.”

  • Inequitable means the reason or characterization of the discharge is not consistent with the policies and traditions of the service.

  • Improper means that the reason or characterization of the discharge is in error (i.e., is false, or violates a regulation or law).

By law, you must submit your application for discharge upgrade within 15 years of discharge. If your discharge is older than 15 years, you must apply for a change to your military records.





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